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Little York Consulting

After 10 years of proven success in proposal, managerial, senior advisory and business development roles, Ingrida Petersons established Little York Consulting to empower teams to achieve success and win in the federal market.

Ingrida brings a multifaceted perspective with proven success in proposal development support, orals proposal coaching and business & growth strategy.


  • Proposal Development Support

  • Business Development and Growth Strategy

  • Federal Customer Program Management

  • Orals Proposal Leadership

  • Capture Management

  • Sales Success
  • Proposal Team Support
  • Internal Agency Account Management

Proposal Development Support


Business & Growth Strategy



Ingrida Petersons, PMP


Ingrida Petersons is a business development executive with over twenty years of professional experience. Ingrida started her career as a software developer where she developed the aptitude to understand various technologies. She leveraged this capability throughout her career to the benefit of her customers.

“What motivates me is making a difference. I love being part of a team who is driven to be the best and do the right thing. I embrace the hard questions and dig deep to solve issues. Let’s learn together, grow together, push each other to be the best us.”

Ingrida holds the belief that the true sign of a leader is their ability to unlock and celebrate each individual contributors’ gifts and talents. She founded her business through the philosophy of never asking someone to do something she hasn’t done herself. Having successfully held many roles in the federal business lifecycle, Ingrida is a dedicated player coach and leads teams all the way to the win.

Ingrida, and her husband Tony, live in historic Leesburg, Virginia. They have two rescue dogs, two cats, and they feed an embarrassing amount of wild birds and squirrels.

Little York Consulting
What’s in a name?

Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Ingrida developed the entrepreneur spirit early and named Little York Consulting after the street where she grew up.


Integrity. Excellence. Collaboration.


“Ingrida is a phenomenal editor with an eye for detail to improve clarity, conciseness, and consistency across all proposal sections. Her proposal writing experience, customer knowledge, and adherence to an established style guide qualify her to refine and improve sentence structure, action captions, and proof points. She is able to rewrite passive to active voice and breakdown complex sentences to improve readability. Ingrida’s editing skills provide the polished and professional results I expect in a proposal.”

Kathleen P Urbanek
Sr Director, Defense & Civilian Proposal Team – SAIC Proposal Development Center

The Full Package

“Integrity, excellence, and collaboration. Is it possible for a person to really have all of those qualities, all the time? When it comes to Ingrida Petersons, she has them in spades.

Any organization would be lucky to get Ingrida’s strategy, advice, and innovative ideas to solve their wicked problems.”

Jim Soltys, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Noblis

Exemplary Team Player

“Ingrida is a self-starter who pushes herself to be the best she can be every day. She is an exemplary team player who has on many occasions gone way above the call of duty to exceed expectations. She doesn’t stop until the job is complete. She has excelled at business development and capture activities she has led at Unisys.”

Brian Young
Federal Civilian Executive, Unisys


“Ingrida is an exceptional proposal manager, able to effectively coordinate a team to develop better solutions with precise compliance. She is a master at organizing a proposal effort allowing the team to focus on the writing. She firmly but tactfully takes control uniting the team and because she is so engaged and supportive, teams under her leadership rally to the task at hand. In color reviews, she goes beyond commenting, she provides examples from past proposal, helps reorganize sections for compliance, and tirelessly checks, rechecks, and edits. Every proposal I worked on with Ingrida was a Winning Proposal!”

Kim Reinke
Vice President, Redhorse Corporation

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