Win orals proposals in the federal market with best-in-class orals coaching

Now more than ever government customers are leveraging the power of oral proposals. It provides the government with the opportunity to meet every key personnel bid, see how the team works together and observe how the team presents the solution to the customer’s current challenges.

Little York Consulting works exclusively through Hurley Group Consulting to offer best-in-class orals coaching for those seeking to win orals proposals in the federal market.
Hurley Group Consulting

Problems We Solve

  • We are not sure what key points to focus on for orals or how to best prepare.

  • We need to improve our team’s presentation skills. Members on our team tend to talk too fast, are extremely nervous, occasionally sound bored, get defensive, wander off topic and/or reveal too much information.

  • We have scenario-based orals, but we won’t get the scenario until just before or during the presentation. How do we prepare for this?

  • We need to present slides, but don’t know what to say on each slide to convey a clear and compelling message.

How We Work

We start with understanding the story you want to tell that will solve the customer’s challenges and then we artfully weave it in through your approach. Orals proposals can come in many forms and now in these uncertain times, the government can change the strategy late in the acquisition.


Engaging from when the draft RFP is released through post-submission Q&A

Helping teams prepare for any type of live orals presentations either in person or streaming regardless of the platform, such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet.



  • Non-FEDSIM

  • Question-Based

  • Scenario-Based


Our philosophy is that practice makes perfect.

We anticipate all angles of the presentation and then practice, practice, practice. Through our high touch guidance and coaching, we bring the best out of even the shyest presenters.

  • Develop impactful scripts

  • Present authentically

  • Convey the message effectively, efficiently and meaningfully

  • Connect, engage and win


Integrity. Excellence. Collaboration.


Ingrida is a phenomenal editor with an eye for detail to improve clarity, conciseness, and consistency across all proposal sections. Her proposal writing experience, customer knowledge, and adherence to an established styleguide qualify her to refine and improve sentence structure, action captions, and proof points. She is able to rewrite passive to active voice and breakdown complex sentences to improve readability. Ingrida’s editing skills provide the polished and professional results I expect in a proposal.

Kathleen P Urbanek
Sr Director, Defense & Civilian Proposal Team – SAIC Proposal Development Center

The Full Package

Integrity, excellence, and collaboration. Is it possible for a person to really have all of those qualities, all the time? When it comes to Ingrida Petersons, she has them in spades.

Any organization would be lucky to get Ingrida’s strategy, advice, and innovative ideas to solve their wicked problems.

Jim Soltys, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Noblis


  • Hurley Group Consultant as FEDSIM / Orals Coach
  • ITG Consultant


  • APMP
  • PMI


  • Project Management Professional (PMP) – Project Management Institute
  • APMP, Foundation Level – Association of Proposal Management Professionals

Providing outcomes that go beyond the immediate project


We help teams develop skills to communicate effectively and efficiently for all future projects and areas of their life. You only have one good chance to make a first impression, work with us to make sure it’s the best one.